Welcome To St. Aidan’s National School Bawnboy Co. Cavan

On behalf of our pupils and staff I would like to welcome you to our school website. St. Aidan’s National School is a co-educational Catholic School with a current enrolment of 72 wonderful pupils!

St. Aidan’s is a school where every person is a valued member of a happy, vibrant learning community.

In St. Aidan’s we aim to provide a well-structured, caring and positive learning environment with plenty of fun and adventure along the way!

We hope our school is a welcoming place and we ask parents/guardians to communicate directly with us if they have any concerns or worries that need to be addressed.  As a staff, we feel hugely supported by our parent body, who constantly work in partnership with us.

Our website will highlight the many events and activities taking place in our school. With a highly dedicated and creative staff the holistic development of our talented and committed pupils is always fostered.

St. Aidan’s N.S. has a very supportive parent body and our school prides itself on the team element of pupils, parents and staff working together.

By browsing through our website, you will see that St. Aidan’s N.S. is a diverse, positive and industrious school environment.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish each of our students the very best for the year 23/24 ahead – there will inevitably be some bumps along the way but hopefully, with support, each child will overcome any challenges and have a happy and successful year in school.

Tá súil agam go mbainfidh sibh taitneamh as.

Best wishes,
James Rudden

New school garden area

A busy evening at St. Aidan’s N.S yesterday preparing our new school garden area!! ☀️ The children have been busy growing broad beans, onions, cabbage, lettuce, strawberries, beetroot, broccoli and potatoes and hope the harvest these before the summer!! 🥔 🧅 🍓 🥬 🥦 🥕 Great work from everyone involved and the children are very excited to chill in our new area at beak times!! 👏🏼

Easter Rising Display

The Easter Rising was a rebellion against British rule in Ireland that took place in the capital city, Dublin. It began on April 24, 1916, which was the day after Easter that year, and lasted five days. In the end, the rebels were beaten. At first, the Easter Rising had little support in Ireland. After its leaders were executed, though, people began to respect what they had tried to do. The rising came to be admired, and its leaders became heroes. Well done to Fourth, Forth and Sixth Class who have been learning all about the 1916 Rising. The children made constructions of prominent buildings during the Rising, drew portraits of the leaders and wrote newspaper articles to describe the detail of what happened during that faithful week in Irish history!! 🇮🇪 Great work from everyone involved!! 👏🏼

Table Tennis Tournament

Congratulations to Kevin on winning our St. Aidan’s National School Table Tennis Tournament!! 🏆 In what was a great final, Kevin came out on top against Max in a great final!! 🏓 
We are delighted to have two brand new table tennis sets up and running in the ball alley and these have been the centre of great excitement in recent weeks!! 👏🏼

Cumann na mBunscoil

Massive well done to the St. Aidan’s N.S girls and boys teams who have been busy playing matches in recent days!! ☀️ 
 The boys team lost narrowly after a brave displays against Castletara, and than St Mogue’s N.S., Currin in a good spirited game on Wednesday in Bawnboy. An exceptional Currin side put in a very strong display and will no doubt, go plenty further in the competition. 
 The girls team have put in two excellent performances against Currin in an exciting draw and against Scoil Naomi Bríd, Ballyconnell N.S where they won after a tough battle with a skilful Ballyconnel side!! 🏐 
 Both teams from St. Aidan’s played fantastic throughout all their games and should be incredibly proud of themselves and the teamwork they displayed! They were also delighted to be sporting their new jersey’s and are excited for more games ahead!! 👏🏼

Jiu Jitsu lessons

The children at St. Aidan’s from Junior Infants to Second Class recently completed Jiu Jitsu lessons in school with their wonderful coach Lyle Gawley. Thank you to Lyle for this wonderful opportunity, the children really enjoyed the lessons, a very different and enjoyable experience!! 👏🏼

Tesco Ireland Community Fund

St. Aidan’s N.S are delighted to be included in the current round of the Tesco Ireland Community Fund in Balinamore. If you’re shopping in this store over the next few weeks, we’d really appreciate if you’d vote for us using your blue token!! 🙏

Green School gardening and horticulture

St. Aidan’s National School are a green school and are very interested in learning about gardening, horticulture, and being global citizens looking after our environment!! 🌍
 All classes have been very busy recently harvesting the crops from our gardening tunnel. Each child went home with some produce, whether lettuce, onions, cabbage, broad beans, and beetroot!! 🥬 🥕 🧅 
 The girls and boys of St. Aidan’s are also planning to grow some crops over the summer and return in September to collect their produce and ensuring our fabulous tunnel and new garden area with raised beds are being used all year round! 👏🏼
 Keep an eye out for more posts to see what is happening at St. Aidans and what we are planning to growing in our garden!! 🥗 🥕 🥦

Sailboat silhouette art project

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Class completed this sailboat silhouette art project. The children were encouraged to explore colour to help them recreate some of their favourite sunset scenes!! 🌅 ��
The children were also encouraged to pay attention to how sunset’s colours change, and to play with the paint as they blend the colours together!! 🖌️ 
They learned how to use simple paint strokes to create a sense of perspective within their art and were encouraged to think about the concept of foreground/background and light/shadow – and how these effects are applied to make the sailboats stand out from the colourful backdrop!! 🎨 Great work from our senior classes!! 👏🏼

New school jerseys

A huge thank you to Ballyconnel Credit Union for sponsoring our brand new school jerseys. The children were very excited this week as they got to play their first Cumann na mBunscoil games in their new strip!! 🙏 
 Thank you to Susan and past pupil Roisín for visit for visiting our school this morning and thank you to Barry and Mary for inviting us into the Credit Union this afternoon where they give us a tour of the building and explained all about their work in the community!! 👏🏼 
Go raibh míle maith agaibh @ballyconnellcu and thank you for your great work in the community!! 👏🏼