Art in Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Class

We have some very talented artists at St. Aidan’s who always bring a unique flair to each task. 
The children in Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Class have been enjoying Art since their return to school!! ☀️ Check out our 3-D self portraits, our junk art robots, and some drawings from World Book Day of their favourite novels!! 🎨 ✍️ 📚 
Obair iontach, maith sibh!! 👏🏼


Sailboat silhouette art project

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Class completed this sailboat silhouette art project. The children were encouraged to explore colour to help them recreate some of their favourite sunset scenes!! 🌅 ��
The children were also encouraged to pay attention to how sunset’s colours change, and to play with the paint as they blend the colours together!! 🖌️ 
They learned how to use simple paint strokes to create a sense of perspective within their art and were encouraged to think about the concept of foreground/background and light/shadow – and how these effects are applied to make the sailboats stand out from the colourful backdrop!! 🎨 Great work from our senior classes!! 👏🏼

Easter Art

Easter Art in 4th, 5th & 6th Class today was great fun!! 👏🏼 The children also enjoyed preparing hot cross buns, a 12th century Easter tradition. Hot Cross Buns are symbolic of the significant day in the Christian faith when Jesus was crucified. Each bun is decorated with a cross made from flour paste, which the children prepared with some butter and jam. Beannachtaí na Cásca oraibh!! 🐣