Our Coin Mural – 1916 Commemoration

The idea behind this project was to create a mural for our school to remember the 1916 centenary. We decided to set up two collection points in the community to gather coins for the mural. 485 coins stand for each life lost during the uprising. Each pupil in the school also participated by bringing in a coin for the mural. To remember the Irish diaspora and to recognise the 1916 rebellion on a global stage 54 embassies were e-mailed, inviting them to take part in this project also. 24 countries responded and sent coins and best wishes for our project’s success. There was a huge response from the local area and from all the children in the school. We surpassed our target easily!

The task of sorting and counting the coins came next. This took a good deal of patience and required teamwork. After counting and sorting all of the coins, we worked with local artist Shaunie Cassidy. We discussed using an outline of the map of Ireland for our mural. We then decided to use all the gold and silver coins. We used the copper coins to form a border along the edge of the country. Then the 6th class painted a patchwork design around the map of Ireland to finish off the project. The finishing touches involved varnishing the mural. A huge word of thanks to Shaunie Cassidy and Peter and Martha McKiernan for their time and effort in producing this great piece of art. Have a look at the finished product!