School Trip to Dublin, Tuesday 12th April 2016

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Our School Trip to Dublin
by Ben Donohoe, 3rd Class
On Tuesday 12th April pupils in second to sixth classes went on an educational trip to Dublin. We went because we were learning about the 1916 Easter Rising. We got there on Martin’s Coaches. It took us two and a half hours.
First we went to Glasnevin and waited for the Tour Guide. First he showed us Daniel O’Connells grave. The first fact I learnt was that Daniel O’Connell wore a black glove on his left hand to remind him never to fight again. The second fact I learnt was that Daniel O’Connell was not buried in the ground. He was in a coffin in a little room.
Then we went to Parnell’s grave and saw George the grey squirrel that ran around Parnell’s grave. Parnell was buried with a big stone across his grave. There was a steel fence around his grave.
Next we went to Michael Collin’s grave. It was covered in flowers and Valentine’s Day Cards. Sean the tour guide told us about a French woman that visits his grave four times a year and leaves flowers and cards.
Then we went to the GPO and watched a film and it was so cool. It was like real life.
Then we went home. The best part was the film of the Easter Rising.

My favourite part of the trip
by James Fahy, 6th Class
My favourite thing about the trip to Dublin was visiting the GPO. It was an extraordinary feeling because we were in the very building that was the headquarters of the Rising. When we were there we learned a lot about the building, when it was built, who built it and that they moved it. We got to see the bullet holes in the pillars and all the things under the ground. It was a fantastic trip.

My favourite part of our school trip to Dublin
by Ethan Edwards, 6th Class
My favourite part of our school trip to Dublin was visiting Glasnevin Cemetery. There were so many famous Irish people buried there. I learned that in retaliation for the destruction of Nelson’s Pillar a small bomb was detonated inside Daniel O’Connell’s tower in the hope of destroying it. Luckily the bomb wasn’t strong enough and only destroyed the spiral staircase. I really enjoyed the trip.